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Mastering the Attraction Phase: Boost Your Candidate Experience

Imagine you're taking a big trip, and you want to splurge on the perfect hotel. You've been scrolling #dreamhotel on Instagram for every beautiful pool shot and amenity. You finally choose and dream about it for months, but upon arriving… it's not quite what you thought it would be. Were those reviews paid? Those photos so beautifully cropped out the meat processing facility next door. A bad feeling starts in your stomach–was this a mistake? Will this be worth all the effort? You are already certain you won't come back, and you'll probably tell all of your friends to avoid it as well.

If you want to attract top talent and fill open positions quickly and cost-effectively, understanding how to improve your company's candidate experience should be high on your priority list. Just like the first impression in a #dreamhotel, the attraction phase is the first impression in the employee lifecycle. It can make or break a candidate’s feelings about you. And you know what they say about first impressions, right?

According to a 2023 report by PeopleScout that surveyed 2,400 job seekers globally, less than 2 in 10 candidates rated their recruitment experience as excellent. The same report found that organizations prioritizing candidate experience saw revenue increases of 10 percent or more and improved their quality-of-hire by 70 percent. From job postings to intro emails to the first interview, any communication in the ATTRACT phase is critical to your brand.

Advertising Jobs Effectively

To attract top talent, you need to advertise your jobs effectively. In addition to posting the job on your company's website and social media channels, consider these tips for creating an effective advertisement.

● Create a video job ad to give candidates an inside look into the role with your own people. PeopleScout’s report found that video job ads receive 70 percent more applications than written job descriptions.

● The job posting title should be clear and concise, letting applicants easily know what the position is and making the post SEO friendly.

● Make sure all the details are included in the description, including salary range and benefits packages. If there's something that applicants need to know upon reading your posting, make sure it's included in this section.

● Highlight organizational culture. According to Indeed, 72 percent of applicants say seeing something about the company culture in a job posting is important. For example, if you offer flexible work arrangements or paid time off for volunteer activities outside of work hours.

● Include links to your website so they can learn more about the company or browse for other current openings.

The Benefits of a Positive Candidate Experience

If you want to attract top talent, then it's crucial that they feel valued from start to finish. One of the most important benefits of a positive candidate experience is that it can significantly impact employee retention and engagement. A positive candidate experience results in more people applying for your jobs, which means more options when it comes time to hire. Your company's reputation is one of its most valuable assets--and it starts with how you market yourself as an employer.

The Cost of a Bad Candidate Experience

The cost of a bad candidate experience can be costly to your employer brand and employee retention rate. Virgin Media calculated the value of a bad candidate experience, and realized they were losing $5.4 million a year because bad recruitment practices created a PR nightmare. When those candidates had a negative experience, they shut off their Virgin services, and they convinced others to do the same.

● It impacts employer brand: Candidates are more likely to share their experiences on social media and with friends.

● It impacts employee retention: When candidates have a negative experience with your company, they're less likely to apply again or recommend you in the future.

● A bad candidate experience can lead to candidates dropping out of the process early on, losing out on valuable talent.

People-Focus the Process

It’s important to remember that a positive candidate experience is not just attracting top talent. This is also your chance to shine as people, to show the brilliance of your teams, leadership and products. Be honest, but be proud of what you have to offer! Remembering the person on the other side of the post will help you bring authenticity to the process and help you find the perfect candidate.

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