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Case Study: How Comprose Improved Client Onboarding and Training with PCG

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

How do you onboard and train new clients? Do you have a process in place that is clear and engaging, or does it feel like a daunting task for both you and your clients? Comprose was in the same situation not too long ago. They needed to find a way to improve client onboarding and training, but they lacked the resources to do so. That's when they turned to PCG.

PCG Comprose Case Study 2022
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Comprose helps companies communicate standard operating procedures and policies in a clear and engaging way so employees work smarter. They lacked a way to onboard and train clients online, and they had an immediate need to hire a new position. By partnering with PCG, they hired top talent and improved client experience.


Comprose needed to hire specialized talent and lacked a custom onboarding and training experience for customers. Comprose does a lot of live instructor training on their software – but they can’t do that for every client, and they needed an easier way to onboard and train.

Additionally, if a client contact left the company, all of the knowledge could be gone due to their hands-on approach to live instructor training. Additionally, due to company growth, Comprose needed to hire a trainer/coach to join their team quickly, and they didn’t have a dedicated HR employee on their team and needed an outside expert.


Partnering with PCG to recruit top talent and implement an LMS. PCG evaluated and vetted multiple LMSs based on Comprose’s unique business and requirements. Once an LMS was selected, PCG assisted with the setup and onboarding of their team. PCG designed a blended learning approach to combine the LMS with instructor-led training.

Since a trainer/coach needed to join quickly, PCG moved to create a job description and then oversaw the recruiting, vetting, and job screening process.


Comprose hired top talent and is onboarding and training clients in person and online. Comprose can now easily onboard and train clients online but can still keep their hands-on approach when and where it matters most. And they are even looking to create training for employees.

With PCG’s assistance, they hired a trainer/coach that will be a perfect fit for their team and will continue to assist with future hiring needs.

If you're like Comprose and need help with client onboarding and training, or any other aspect of your business, contact PCG today. We would be happy to help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

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