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Case Study: CMA creates engaging & memorable new hire onboarding experience by partnering with PCG

CMA Global is a team of expert business psychologists dedicated to helping clients build and maintain a talented, effective, and engaged workforce. They wanted to create an onboarding program to engage new employees, consultants, and interns, including remote employees who wouldn't experience the same in-office onboarding. By partnering with PCG, they created an immersive employee onboarding experience.

PCG Case Study - CMA 2022
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CMA wanted to build an employee onboarding program that would engage new employees.

Pre-pandemic CMA would have new hires for in-person training and hands-on onboarding at their office. The pandemic amplified how they hired, and more employees and consultants were working remotely, so they needed a better way to connect with them.

Additionally, they didn't have a standard onboarding process, so new hires were onboarded differently depending on their manager, so they wanted to create a unified and unique new hire experience.


Partnering with PCG to create an onboarding experience that included new programs and materials to onboard new employees, consultants, and interns.

PCG reviewed CMA's materials, policies, mission, vision, and values and hosted focus groups with current employees to learn about their experiences. The PCG team took all of that information and created a 90-day onboarding experience with in-person, hybrid, and remote employee options.

From a welcome box and email that a new hire receives before their first day to a buddy program that matches a current employee with a new hire to help guide and support them during their first few months, PCG designed onboarding programs and materials to create a memorable experience.


CMA is leveraging the onboarding programs and materials with all new hires.

CMA now has a standard onboarding experience with programs and materials they can use to hire new employees, consultants, interns, etc. PCG created more than 25 materials for CMA, including onboarding meeting outlines, welcome materials, outlines, email templates, etc. Additionally, PCG assisted with developing a buddy program and leader check-ins that are utilized to support the growth of the new hire and establish strong communication and relationship with their leader.

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