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How to Use the 9 Box to Improve Your Succession Planning Process

The nine-box is a popular leadership succession planning tool that helps organizations plot potential leaders on a matrix based on their performance and potential. The grid provides a snapshot of how each individual is performing and can help identify high-potential employees who may be groomed for future leadership roles. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use the nine-box in talent planning and development and explore some of the benefits it can offer your organization.

When used in succession planning, the nine-box grid can help you identify individuals with the potential to fill future leadership roles. This is done by evaluating each individual's performance and potential and then plotting them on the grid. High performers who are also high potential employees will fall into the top right quadrant of the grid, while low performers who are also low potential will fall into the bottom left quadrant. Employees who are high performers but have low potential (bottom right quadrant) may be considered for early retirement or termination. In contrast, those who are low performers but have high potential (top left quadrant) may be given additional training or development opportunities.

There are a number of benefits that can be realized by using the nine-box grid in succession planning and talent development, including:

• It helps organizations identify individuals with the potential to fill future leadership roles.

• It helps identify high-potential employees who may benefit from additional training or development opportunities.

• It can help organizations make decisions about early retirement or termination of low performers.

• It can help organizations provide additional training or development opportunities to low performers with high potential.

Once you plot your team on the nine-box, it is just as important to discuss with your team members where you plotted them. Often times a great deal of energy is focused on the placement of individuals in the nine-box, but not near as much energy is spent on the development of individuals. Many times, people are not accurately self-aware of their development needs, and having an open and honest conversation about it can help set expectations for future development plans

When used correctly, the nine-box grid can be a valuable tool in succession planning and talent development. Are you using the nine-box in your organization? What benefits have you seen? Share

If you want to improve your succession planning or talent development process, the nine-box grid is a tool you should consider using. It can offer several benefits to your organization and help you make more informed decisions about your workforce. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you use the nine-box grid in your succession planning and talent development efforts.

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