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Elevate Your HR Strategy: The Power of Outsourcing in 2024

Whether you're a thriving HR department, a team of one, or someone who wears multiple hats without the HR title, achieving all your HR goals can feel like chasing an elusive target. The idea of outsourcing HR needs might raise eyebrows—after all, isn't HR all about the human touch? But consider this: outsourcing could be the game-changer you need.

Sure, we're an HR consultancy, so of course, we advocate for external help. But beyond the pitch, outsourcing HR brings fresh perspectives and solutions before issues arise, making a compelling case professionally and emotionally.

At the top of the list of reasons? The chronic burnout experienced by HR departments nationwide. According to Gartner, 71% of HR professionals reported burnout, with recruitment and retention challenges surpassing those faced during the COVID era.

Enter Patterson Consulting Group—a strategic HR partner that not only addresses your goals but aims to shift the burnout needle positively in 2024.

Author David Allen once said, "You can do anything, but not everything." Here's why hiring an external HR team like PCG might be the strategic move your company needs:

Augmenting HR Expertise

Gartner's research underscores the importance of augmenting internal teams to achieve functional excellence. Incorporating non-HR expertise into HR functions is key, yet only a fraction of HR leaders have models allowing non-HR professionals into HR roles. PCG has a team of seasoned HR professionals and diverse experts—from instructional design to business strategy—equipping us to align HR functions with all your company's needs.

Efficient Resources

For small or growing businesses, the cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time HR staff lies in trusted partnerships. With 99% of US businesses having fewer than 500 employees, HR strategies are a necessity, regardless of the team size. PCG caters to companies of all scales, breaking organizational silos to provide tailored solutions. We thrive when our partners acknowledge, "Without your help, this might not have happened."

Short-term Superheroes

The HR paradox? Balancing people care with mountains of paperwork. Recruitment, reviews, and implementing new strategies often take a back seat. PCG steps in for shorter-term projects like performance management, recruitment strategies, and employee engagement, allowing you to focus on meaningful employee connections.

In 2024, let PCG be your partner in achieving it all. Reach out, and let's make this year the turning point for your HR strategies.

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