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Creating Workplace Zen: Lessons from Vitality Unlimited Spa

Who doesn't love a spa day? A calm environment, the smell of essential oils and clean sheets, the music that clears your mind. And most importantly, the promise that someone will take care of you entirely for the next hour or so? Sign us up.

Except this isn't a place you only go for an hour and you aren't getting a massage—it's your workplace.

The peace that spa clients receive takes a lot of hard work to create. Holly Drabik and the team at Vitality Unlimited Spa partnered with PCG to set the foundation for a great employee experience, which in turn allows them to deliver extraordinary care.

The Journey of Vitality Unlimited Spa:

Vitality Unlimited Spa has been a staple in Webster Groves, Missouri, for 30 years. In 2017, frequent client Holly Drabik heard it was for sale and saw her chance to continue the spa's legacy of quality wellness. Within 3 years, COVID would throw the team—like the rest of the world—into survival mode.

By 2023, Holly knew that she wanted to get back to being more proactive than reactive, reclaiming work/life balance for her and the team, and starting to set new business goals. PCG stepped in to help get them get where they want to go with Mission/Vision/Values design, internal communication pieces, new commission rollout, and role realignment.

Role Realignment:

One of the pivotal aspects of the transformation was role realignment. Over the course of two workshop sessions, PCG and Vitality Unlimited's management team discussed each of their responsibilities, biggest roadblocks, and goals within their individual teams.

Using an advanced tool called a "Post-it", the team wrote out all responsibilities and daily tasks. Once posted on the wall, they looked for workload imbalances. Some responsibilities needed to be shifted back to the most appropriate team, while some managers expressed interest in taking on a new task in their wheelhouse. Lastly, they identified tasks that could be passed to more junior members of the team to promote their growth.

Mission, Vision & Values:

While reviewing Vitality Unlimited's Employee Handbook, the team recognized the need for a better way to communicate their overall mission, vision, or values. Knowing that this would help unify the team on a daily basis as well as help convey their employer brand to job candidates, PCG worked to create a set of branded pieces that deliver a positive reminder of those values.

These pieces will become printed assets for all employees to keep close by in their treatment rooms to reference throughout the day. New hires will receive them on their first day during onboarding procedures.

In Conclusion:

Thanks so much to Holly, Carrie, Andrèe, and Kailah for their time. It's hard for small businesses to devote focus to projects like these, and team involvement is critical to success.

PCG loves helping our partners bring back the workplace zen! See more of our employee experience services here.

By investing in their team and fostering an environment of clear communication and shared values, Vitality Unlimited Spa demonstrates that the principles of relaxation and rejuvenation extend far beyond the treatment room—they're integral to creating a harmonious workplace culture.

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