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7 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month at Work

Every February, we take time to recognize contributions and celebrate Black history. As an organization, it's important that you create a culture that values diversity and inclusion. Here are some actions you can take as a business to show appreciation for your Black employees and community during Black History Month.

1. Send Employees Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses

Showing appreciation for your employees is always important, especially during special times of the year like Black History Month! Consider sending them gifts from local or national black-owned businesses to show support and recognition of their contributions.

2. Host An Educational Seminar or Workshop

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans in the past, use this month as a chance to educate your staff on current issues facing marginalized communities today. Invite experts in social justice topics such as racism, gender equality, or civil rights to lead seminars or workshops on these issues.

3. Encourage Employees To Participate In Community Outreach Events

There are likely many organizations in your community that host events honoring black history and celebrating diverse cultures throughout the month. Encourage your team members to attend these events and offer extra incentives if they come back with stories or photos from their experience!

4. Company-Wide DEI Goal

Use this moment in time to set a company-wide goal related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Set timelines and milestones for achieving this goal, so everyone is clear on what needs to be done over the next few years!

5. Invest In DEI Training

Investing in DEI training is an important way for any business to foster an inclusive environment. Companies should make sure they have comprehensive training available on topics such as unconscious bias or microaggressions so staff members understand how their words/actions may impact those around them negatively.

6. Start A Book Club

Pick out some great reads related to African American culture/experiences, then get together regularly with colleagues who also want to learn more about this topic.

7. Contribute To A Black Philanthropy

Consider contributing funds towards black philanthropy that supports initiatives like education reform or criminal justice reform initiatives within marginalized communities across America.

Celebrating Black History Month at work is one way organizations can show commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels seen & heard. By implementing some of the suggestions above, you will be taking steps towards building a more equitable workplace where everyone has access to equal opportunities & resources available no matter what their background. Take action now & let's continue striving towards creating lasting change throughout our society together, starting right here in our own workplaces!

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