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Get On The Same Page: Employee Handbook Creation

Recently, we've seen an uptick in companies reaching out for handbook creation work. Sometimes they have one that needs updating, and sometimes they don't have one at all! Either way, PCG can help get the process going.

While our handbook design process is similar for all clients, each handbook is individually tailored to their company's brand, values, and needs. Handbooks are, oftentimes, a new employee's first glance into the company. We make handbooks to be a tool that supports employees in their daily tasks and aligns the whole team with the company's goals and culture.

We love making handbooks for our clients because we can both dive deep into our client's culture and help them strategize employee policies based on their values. Whether it is helping to create a paid time off policy, a code of conduct, or a performance management program, we are passionate about finding the solution to help our clients continue to grow and promote a positive work environment.

Our process is simple. We start with a kick-off call to learn our client’s vision for the handbook as well as any existing policies to include in the handbook. We then create the first draft, which includes a section outlining the company’s mission and values, the benefits package that the company offers, ethical standards, standard operating procedures, and more. Ensured to be completely compliant with current federal, state, and local laws, each of our handbooks is thoroughly researched based on your company’s profile. We spend time to ensure that each policy is written in compliance with the law without compromising the client’s voice and values.

When satisfied that we have accurately covered the necessary elements of the handbook, we bring it back to the client for revisions and suggestions. This is where the strategizing starts, and we are able to work together to create the foundations for their sustainable growth and success. We continue to work on the handbook with our client until we have a final product that accurately represents our client and the image they want to portray to the employees of their company.

Many times, the handbook process leads to identifying other issues or opportunities for the organization. At PCG, we are positioned to offer complementary services like onboarding packages, benefits strategy consulting, and ongoing training and development.

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