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Cabinetworks Group built foundational and engaging employee programs by partnering with PCG

Cabinetworks Group is the largest independently owned manufacturer and distributor of kitchen and bath cabinetry in the United States. They operate 19 manufacturing facilities and serve customers, including sales/dealers, home centers, distributors, and home builders. After an acquisition, Cabinetworks needed to bring facilities’ HR operations together. They created foundational HR practices and programs by partnering with PCG, and PCG became an extension of their team.


Cabinetworks needed to develop processes and programs for talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention, and they needed day-to-day HR support.

Cabinetworks needed to build a foundation around talent acquisition and was looking for a partner to focus on strategy development, process and program improvements, and employee program creation.

Additionally, Cabinetworks needed to fill a Director of HR role to help with day-to-day activities, including staffing, onboarding, employee relations, designing training programs, etc.


Partnering with PCG to create foundational employee programs and HR practices to improve talent acquisition and employee experience.

PCG did roundtables to gather data, reviewed the recruiting software dashboard/reports, and put a new recruitment process together for Cabinetworks facilities. The PCG team also assisted in creating a leadership training program, and Cabinetworks is piloting an employee feedback and survey platform with employees.

Additionally, Jen, on the PCG team, is assisting as a Director of HR for Cabinetworks, where she oversees day-to-day HR operations for more than eight facilities.


Cabinetworks streamlined its recruitment process and is leveraging new programs with employees.

Cabinetworks now has the foundation they need to improve talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention with new programs and processes.

Members of the PCG team are conducting onsite leadership training with 18 facilities where they will work with them on 10 different courses to help leaders align and succeed in their roles. PCG is developing a recognition program and assisting with mapping out the recruiting process. Also, Jen is continuing to assist Cabinetworks as a Director of HR.

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